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FIC: Impasse (Chapter Six)

Konnichiwa, minnasan! I hope everyone out there in Cyberland is doing well! Whew, after writing, rewriting and editing, I've finally finished chapter six! And I can actually say this sucked all my emotional energy from me. I was almost crying by the end and suffering a level of exhaustion. It was GREAT! ::chuckles:: I felt very moved. Also note that in the "Groups" section I've not added KAT-TUN due to a last minute chapter change I made!

On a random note, I switched my SuJu cosplay with our Donghae, so Josh is now going to be Eeteuk and I will be our favorite little fishy since I match him personality wise better. Should be a ton of fun at Nan Desu Kan this year!

On another random note, I'm starting to think men in my RL are just there to make me roll my eyes. ::laughs ruefully:: Enjoy the fic!

By: Miracle Shining

PAIRINGS: HanHae, HanTeuk, TeukHae, HanTeukHae, SiHan (past tense), KyuMin, ShinChul, etc.
RATINGS: PG-13 to NC-17 (will be notated if NC-17)
GROUPS: Super Junior, DBSK, Kitty GYM, KAT-TUN
GENRE: Action/Romance/Angst
WARNINGS: Violence, Sexual Situations, Dark Themes, Character Death
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Don't own them, never will, but thanks for reading!
SUMMARY: AU Storyline~In the South Korean underworld, a popular form of entertainment is fighting matches. Men are judged by the fighters they own. A troubled fighter with a past catches the attention of two long time friends and may lead them both to the brink of obsession.


CHAPTER SIX: Scaling the Wall

Kangin frowned as he sat on the floor in Junsu's private training room. The bottle he had been drinking out of was long empty and his mouth was watering for more alcohol. His head already felt foggy and his thoughts were a little out of sorts. The feeling was a strange mix of sorrow and elation. He sighed quietly and groggily turned his head to the sound of footsteps. His mildly drunk eyes made out the hazy image of a taller man with nearly white hair framing his face.

"Hangeng?" Kangin slurred slightly.

Hankyung shook his head and stood in front of Kangin. His mouth was drawn into a thin line but his face was void of any other expression.

"I told you he's dead." Hankyung said flatly.

"Well, you look pretty damn alive to me." Kangin said with a low whistle.

"Look at you." the Chinese man said with disdain.

"You're one to talk." the trainer replied back sharply.

The silence was awkward then before Hankyung reached down to take the empty bottle from Kangin. The reaction was lightning fast as Kangin swept the object away from the other man's grip.

"Mine." he growled.

Hankyung's eyes were bright and dangerous. He barely half smiled then.

"It'll be quite the show in a couple hours, Kangin. Everyone who's anyone will be there to see Junsu's new 'prize'. Oh how everyone will cheer when 'The Dancer' will suddenly appear. The applause will be thunderous and the ending will be more than any of them could have ever expected." Hankyung hissed.

Kangin was silent on the floor before he drew himself upwards and raised his head. His dark eyes were unreadable but he began to approach Hankyung. The slightly taller man looked a little hesitant and for a reason unknown to him began to back away from his old trainer.

"You. You. You." Kangin growled. "It's always about you, isn't it, Hangeng?"

Hankyung continued to back up but his hands were raised in a fighting style already. Kangin continued to approach, his face lit like his whole persona was on fire.

"Did you ever think that maybe just once, just once, you weren't the only one affected by that night?"

The taller man was almost against the far wall of the training center. He suddenly sprang forward and kicked with his left leg. To his shock, Kangin caught the kick and stopped it. The man's grip was a step below painful before he threw down Hankyung's leg. The impact of his foot hitting the floor shot a spike of sensation up Hankyung's inner leg and settled into his knee. Though the act was not obvious on his face, the man felt the ache all the way into his brain. He had forgotten just how strong Kangin was.

"What happened, Hangeng?" Kangin pleaded, his words still tripped from the soju on his tongue. "Where did you go? Why didn't you tell me?"

Hankyung's face morphed slightly as if he was now battling something inside. In desperation, he lashed out and threw another brutal punch. Kangin dodged it with suprising ease and then rushed forward. Hankyung felt the air knocked out of him as the impact landed directly in his stomach. The black dots in front of his vision barely cleared before he felt an extreme amount of pressure against his larynyx. Kangin had him pinned against the wall with the back of his lower right arm. Hankyung tried to drag in his breath but could only get tiny little gasps in. Kangin leaned in and spoke in a deep, low tone.

"Now you listen to me. I didn't waste my time in training you or Siwon. You two were the best and you were both my best friends. I loved you as if you were my own brothers. If I could have changed that night, if I had known, if any of us had known, he'd still be here. But he's not." Kangin's voice lowered even more. "And you're still here, but you've already wrote your death sentence. You know what? You're not the only one who lost him. I lost him too. And what did I do? I did this!"

Kangin held up the bottle with his free hand and then threw it on the ground. The empty glass shattered leaving shard and specks of leftover liquor all over the training mat.

"And I think of him every time I drink a bottle and I think of you every time that I wake up in a pool of my own drool. I think of how I probably failed you both by not preventing you from leaving your birthday party. But you know what? KyuHyun and Sungmin came to me when I was at my lowest. They made me realize that I could still train, that some times fate can be very cruel but it can also be a good thing. Sure, I'm still a drunk. But those two gave me hope. You didn't just lose Siwon, I did too." Kangin repeated.

Hankyung choked a little as the air became more and more shallow. But hearing that last sentence made him focus his faltering vision on Kangin's face. The man looked incredibly tired and despite his fierce appearance, there were tears framing the rims of his eyelashses. Hankyung felt something inside of him tremble.

He then drew his arm back and Hankyung collapsed to the ground, dragging in huge gasps of air. The tightness in his lungs and the pain in his throat was nothing compared to the ache that was now inside of his soul. Hankyung coughed hard a couple times before setting upright and getting his breathing under control. Kangin was silent before he sat down beside him.

"You were always the easiest out of the two of you to train. Siwon always was a bit more of a showman than you were." Kangin mentioned quietly. "Now you're the main attraction tonight. Remember though, the path you choose tonight will change everything. Not just for you, but for everyone, Hangeng."

The door to the training center came swinging open and Eunhyuk and Yoochun came in. They both stopped where they were standing as they saw the state of Hankyung, Kangin and the broken bottle near both of them. The two trainers didn't move. They observed however that neither men seemed to be worse for wear other than Hankyung was massaging his neck carefully.

"Hey." Yoochun said as he walked over finally. "Something that HyukJae and I missed?"

Eunhyuk joined Yoochun and looked down at the duo.

"You bothering my fighter, Kangin?" the question was light though there was an underlying tension in his words.

"Nope." Kangin said, his words now sober. "Just giving him a bit of a pep talk is all."

Hankyung suprisingly nodded in agreement. His face was unreadable but there was an air of acceptance between both men.

"Well, the pep talk looks like it almost knocked Hankyung into unconciousness." Eunhyuk responded.

"I'm fine." Hankyung stated. "I'm going to take a shower."

He stood and ignored the final ache of the impact on stomach and walked to the door. He turned his head to look over at Kangin. The man was still on the floor looking mournfully at his broken bottle and the soju disppearing into the mats.

"Hey, Boss?" Hankyung said suddenly.

Kangin heard his old nickname and looked up, suprised.

"Yah, Dancer?" he responded without thinking.

"You give up the bottle for just tonight and I'll give you one hell of a fight."

A bare flit of a smile crossed both men's faces before Hankyung vanished through the door and Eunhyuk and Yoochun pulled Kangin off the floor. Questions were in the air but both trainers opted for now to let Kangin and Hankyung alone. There was alot at stake tonight and now was not the time to ask.


Donghae pulled his sweatshirt over his head and smoothed down his t-shirt. Eeteuk just looked at him with an amused expression. The two men were sitting inside of one of Minwoo's finest underground arenas. The box seats were reserved for the elite among the illegal and the best of them belonged to Junsu. Donghae set the sweatshirt on the back of his chair and then sat down, already fidgeting.

"Hae, if you keep moving like that you're going to be asleep before the fights even start tonight." Eeteuk said with a laugh. He then leaned over to steal a kiss from the younger man. Donghae saw the motion and then played as if he was being coy and turned his head so that Eeteuk only could kiss his cheek.

"Teukie-umma, people are watching!" he said in a joking manner.

He hoped that his sense of hesitancy about any affection with Eeteuk wouldn't come out at that moment. The expression on the older man's face was good humored which relieved Donghae inwardly. He knew he would have tell Eeteuk soon that their relationship would have to return to a 'business only' level soon. But for now, he just wanted to get through the evening's event.

"Champagne!" came a cheerful voice from behind the duo.

Eeteuk and Donghae turned their attention to Heechul who was entering from the box's side door. He was dressed to perfection and was carrying a very expensive bottle of champagne. Shindong was following close behind, with Junsu and Minwoo behind him. Eeteuk immediately rose to greet his friends. Donghae however had his eyes glued to the arena.

The arena itself was rather small as most of the underground fighting venues were. However, there were no dirt on the floor outside of the sawdust that graced the center ring. The seats were lush and covered in soft fabrics. The railings gleamed a gorgeous sparkling silver that glinted underneath the expensive lighting rigs. The cage in the center was cleaned to perfection and the sawdust was smoothed out after each event. There were a number of people ensuring that everyone at the arena was comfortable. Even the concessions at the venue were of the best class, ranging from expensive imported foods to the finest in Korean liquors. Somehow Donghae had always found these arenas to be a bit over the top. But he wouldn't deny he liked the plushness of the box he was sitting inside at the moment.

"Well, Donghae, this is your first time seeing a fight in my best arena, isn't it?" Minwoo questioned as he took a seat next to the other man.

Donghae nodded quickly, his childlike excitement starting to come through.

"Eeteuk has told me this is the best place to see any fights."

"Well, only the best fighters are allowed here. Which is obvious why I always am too glad to provide Xiah Junsu with my facilities."

Junsu laughed warmly as he took a glass of champagne from Heechul's hand.

"You're too kind to me, my dear friend. I do look forward to seeing tonight's events. Tell me though, I heard from some of our other business associates that you in fact are providing a fighter and trainer to go against my Chinese prize tonight?"

Minwoo nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, I am in fact. A retired fighter and his trainer from Japan has agreed to compete just for this one occassion. Would you like to run a little bet, Junsu?"

"Do tell!" Heechul chimed in.

Shindong nodded in agreement as he took Heechul's hand to help his partner sit down.

"Well, I bet that my fighter will be able to last more than five minutes with your Chinese prize."

"Ah, but what are the stakes?" Junsu asked in an amused manner.

"Oh, let's see. If I win, you have to give me that new fighter and trainer I heard you got your hands on."

"KyuHyun and Sungmin? Hmm, that is a very high wager. What happens if I win?"

"I will give you two of my arenas."

Everyone in the group gasped almost together. Donghae looked up at Junsu wondering if the man was actually going to take the bet. Junsu's eyebrows knitted together in deep thought before his face smoothed, his lovely smile lighting up the whole room.

"It's a deal."

Minwoo and Junsu shook hands then to everyone's applause. Even Donghae couldn't help but catch the spirit of the moment. Minwoo chuckled as he slapped Donghae on the shoulder.

"I can tell you one thing, Donghae. This night will be one that absolutely no one in this group will ever forget."

Donghae didn't know why but he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.


"Can you see everything okay?" Kibum asked softly over the cell phone.

"Yes. Is this Minwoo's newest arena?" came a very quiet voice over the other end.

"Yah, pretty fancy, isn't it?" Kibum responded with a little smile. He took the web camera off his laptop screen and turned it around, giving a long thorough scan of the area in front of him.

"It's very clean. Remember when the arenas were all dirty and that was the fun of it?"

"I think you just liked playing in the dirt, Ryeowook." Kibum said with a chuckle.

"Well, I do like doing dirty things."

Kibum felt the blush rise up into his cheeks and seem to curl around his ears. He coughed a bit in the phone which actually made Ryeowook laugh just a little.

"Did I embarass you again, Bummieah?"

"Quiet you." Kibum scolded in a sweet manner.

"Why aren't you sitting up in the main box with Junsu and everyone else?"

"I thought it would be easier for you to see over your laptop if I was closer to the action. Plus, I'm not ready to exactly explain to everyone why I'm doing a live feed to just one person."

"Ah, I see. Is he going to fight tonight?"

"Yes. The final performance of the night."



"I miss them both. Even if only one of them is actually gone, I miss them both still."

"In least you'll get to see one of them tonight. Maybe with luck, revenge will be justly served."



"In case this doesn't get finished and I go before it all ends, I want you to know that I love you."

Kibum closed his eyes as he tried to stop the tears from rising into his throat. He was glad that he didn't croak when he spoke back into the cell phone.

"Just rest now, Ryeowook. Everything will change tonight, I'm sure."


Yunho sat on the bench wiping down his hands with chalk. He was eyeing Hankyung suspiciously from where he was sitting. The Chinese man was kneeling down away from everyone, his hands resting on the mat and his forehead placed against the floor. He spoke very softly in his native tongue.

"What is he doing?" Yunho asked Jaejoong as the man came over.

"Some kind of meditation, I guess. According to Eunhyuk, he does it before every practice."

"Huh. He just gets stranger by the moment." Yunho commented. He then smiled warmly up at Jaejoong, sliding his arm around his waist. "So, I was thinking that maybe we could have a different kind of warm up tonight."

Jaejoong's eyes widened as he felt Yunho pull lightly on his belt. He batted away his hands, the redness on his cheeks obvious.


"Now, now, the two lovebirds should try and keep it in the training room." came a laughing voice.


The lanky young man just chuckled harder as he walked over with Yoochun in tow. The slightly smaller man was behind Changmin, his arms around his waist and his chin hooked over his shoulder.

"Not that we're any better, Minnieah." Yoochun said amused.

"That's true, but we're not shy about it!"

"You two are awful. And shouldn't you be training your fighters?" Jaejoong quickly shot back.

"Yamapi is already doing his warm ups."

"And Golf and Mike are doing their prayers." Yoochun added. "I wish I could train those two any day, they hardly need any instruction. Hooray for Thailand!"

"So it looks like the only who's got any real problem with their fighter is Eunhyuk." Yunho commented off hand. "I can tell you one thing, if that hit I got yesterday was only a fraction of Hankyung's force, I'm feeling for whoever is taking him on in the arena tonght."

"Yah, well Kangin and him got into it apparently a little while before Eunhyuk and I got there today. Whatever happened seemed to have shaken both of them up. I don't know if it makes any sense, but it was like both of their personalities changed. Hankyung even called Kangin 'Boss,' which I haven't heard anyone call him since he vanished."

"Did you know Hankyung before now, Yoochun?"

Yoochun shook his head as he rested it sideways on the inclave of Changmin's shoulder.

"No, over three years ago at a party, Kangin was going to introduce Eunhyuk and I to two very special fighters. The Dancer and The Charmer. But before we got there, the two had went out for an evening walk intending on returning in a couple hours. There was a terrible accident then."

"Wait, over three years ago." Jaejoong said suddenly. "That was when those two fighters got shot on the street. You mean..."

Yoochun nodded his expression a little grim.

"The Charmer died in the hospital. The Dancer survived and four days later was drafted by our own Kim Kibum to work for Xiah Junsu. It wasn't an accident that Eunhyuk started working with him exclusively when he arrived those years ago."

"So this whole time the world famous Dancer has been Hankyung?!" Changmin burst out.

Yoochun nodded slightly.

"Why didn't you tell the rest of us?" Yunho demanded.

"It wasn't Eunhyuk or my's place. Besides, Hankyung wanted that part of him left behind. When you called him by that Chinese name yesterday, Yunho? That is his real name and the name he connects to being The Dancer. Tonight however, he's going to someone else, this Hankyung he's become."

"I'm sorry, did someone say Hangeng?" came a soft, sweet voice from near the quietly speaking trainers and fighter.

The four of them turned their attention to a quite tall Japanese man with chin length, slightly wavy brown hair that shagged a little around his face. His skin was a beautiful shade of porcelain and he was dressed in simple black tank top and a pair of loose training pants. The most unusual aspect of the man was his shimmering deep brown eyes that seemed to glow in the brightly lit training room. Another Japanese man came up behind him, just a touch shorter with the hair that barely touched his shoulders, a mixed shade of blonde and brown. He had almost black eyes and was very lean. He was wearing a simple black button up shirt and a pair of slacks. He smiled quietly holding a small training bag.

"Yes, who wants to know?" Changmin questioned, always a bit brusque upon meeting strangers.

"His opponent." came the soft reply.

"He's over there." Yoochun pointed with his finger.

The two men bowed in deep respect and crossed the training room. Yoochun raised an eyebrow.

"Must be that fighter and trainer that Minwoo custom brought in."

"He does have a flare for the dramatic, doesn't he?" Jaejoong pointed out.

The two men approached Hankyung on the floor. The taller of the two very quietly lowered himself to his knees beside the Chinese man and assumed the same position. It took Hankyung a moment to realize that someone was beside him, his meditation breaking. He drew upwards into a kneeling position and the man slowly followed suit. The two looked at each other for a long moment before the man finally spoke.

"You've grown up, Hangeng."

"Jin." Hankyung whispered.

Hankyung and Jin stared at each for what seemed an eternity before the other man finally reached out and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Kame?" Hankyung asked looking up at the man still standing.

Kame gave a truly soft and kind smile to Hankyung and nodded.

"The last time I saw you, you were just entering the world of competitive fighting. Such a prodigy. I know your training center was very proud of you. Along with that other young man, Siwon?" Kame questioned.

Hankyung nodded. Just hearing Siwon's name made his stomach twist. He reached up and carefully took off Jin's hand from his shoulder. He didn't let go of it. Instead he held it gently in his own hand.


"I heard that he's no longer with us." Jin said softly. "I'm truly sorry for your loss. I know the two of you were an amazing duo. The Dancer and The Charmer."

"Why are you here?" Hankyung couldn't help asking.

"I was brought out of retirement for this one fight tonight. Minwoo had his associates contact me just for this occassion."

"Who are you fighting?"

"Someone by the name of Hankyung." Jin said with a barely there smile. "But I was thinking it must be a typo because I only know a Hangeng."

"He died." Hankyung stated quietly. "There's Hankyung now."

"Does Hankyung want to die?"

"I miss Siwon." he replied with his head lowered.

Jin leaned in then and spoke softly.

"Then I wish I didn't have to be your executioner."


Yesung sat quietly at the top of one of the lighting rafters. He swung his legs back and forth and listened to the music that was playing over the PA system as the elite began to pour into Minwoo's arena. He hummed to a song by an old Korean pop star and then whistled to himself as the song changed over to some kind of classical number.

It hadn't been hard to get into Minwoo's arena. He had actually done what his employer directed and told security he was one of the lighting crews. Getting up onto the lighting rigs with his bag had been a bit trickier, but he was agile enough to make it up the ladder and over onto one of the walking beams. Since then he had been sitting just out of the view of the roving spotlights. He had resisted the urge to spit on some people as they sat down below him. It would be no good to give off his location.

After all, he still had to make it up to Minwoo about his little mistake he had made. It had felt like ages to him. Even the best hired men make a little flub from time to time. He didn't think it was that big of a deal, but Minwoo was a man who didn't let grudges go easily. With luck he'd be able to take care of the situation tonight and be finally let out of his contract.

Yesung reached into his bag and drew out his high caliber rifle. He had customized the piece himself with infrared targeting and a silencer that made all the others look like whistles. The rifle rested comfortably on his right shoulder and he aimed easily at people in the audience, practicing his trigger finger for the actual moment he'd need it.

As he moved back and forth over the crowd, carefully zeroing in and then mock firing, he sang quietly to himself.

"Painting the roses red, yes we're painting the roses red..."

He smiled in a dark manner as the MC approached the center of the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to tonight's events!"


Kangin pulled his head out of the sink of ice cold water he had submerged in it. He gasped for air and then shook out his hair. The liquor had long worn off and the rage had sucked the last bit of adrenaline from his body. The water in least provided him a moment of awareness.


Kangin turned to see Eunhyuk standing at the door of the arena changing room.


"Thought you weren't going to come. Did you follow us here?"

"Took a cab. Thought maybe you could use some help."

"Sure you didn't come to make sure Hankyung didn't get killed?"

Kangin said nothing to that as he shook off the last little remnants of water. The drops trickled into the sink, making little waves. Kangin paused then and spoke softly.

"Remember to always stay at peace, son. Keep yourself open like the waves of the ocean."

"What was that?" Eunhyuk questioned from behind the other trainer.

"Just something Hangeng said his father used to say to him. I don't know why I just thought of it."

"He's about ready to fight Akanishi Jin."

Hearing that name caused Kangin's eyes to go wide. He spun around and walked over, grabbing Eunhyuk by the shoulders.

"Who is fighting again?!"

"Akanishi Jin."

Kangin felt the color drain from his face.


"Do you know why he retired so young, Eunhyuk?!" Kangin demanded.

"No..." Eunhyuk felt his heart start to beat up when he saw the fear becoming evident in Kangin's countenance.

"Because he always ended up killing his opponents. Oh hell, he's going to use Jin to commit suicide!"

"KANGIN!" Eunhyuk shouted and he took off running after Kangin who was already speeding down the arena halls.


Donghae had been more than amazed at the series of fights already. The two Thai brothers had easily done away with their competition in the first round. Yunho had proved why he's the best in hand to hand combat, demolishing his ring partner. Yamapi had finished in the Kendo display and had taken down three men at the same time. The fights had been exquisite and Donghae felt the exhilaration of watching all the men show off their skills.

"Now I know this next one will be the one you've all been waiting for." Junsu said as he ate a couple grapes.

"After seeing him at his premiere, I'm truly excited what he can do in the actual ring." Shindong said with a nod. "Plus, I've got a rather sizeable purse riding on him winning down at the bookie's booth."

"Shindong!" Heechul exclaimed. "You promised you'd let me blow on the money before you bet it!"

Shindong smirked at his partner.

"Well you could blow on..."

"And I think that our Hae doesn't need to hear that." Eeteuk said quickly causing everyone to laugh in the room.

"So tell me, Minwoo. You've kept this retired fighter a suprise from even myself. Who is it that you've brought for my prize to take on?"

"Oh, you'll see in a moment, Junsu. I hope that you're KyuHyun and Sungmin haven't unpacked their bags yet."

Donghae just rolled his eyes from where he was sitting. His attention turned as the MC approached the center of the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen. For our final event tonight, we have a very special match. Representing Xiah Junsu, his gift to all of you from China, the one and only Hankyung!"

Donghae's nose was almost pressed to the window as the door to Hankyung's side opened. The man came out wearing only a pair of low slung gray pants. His body was toned and sharp and his expression was focused. His hands and feet were bandaged with white tape. He didn't have the dramatic flare of the other fighters. Instead he simply opened up the door and stepped inside. The applause was thunderous but Hankyung paid no heed.

"And representing the House of Minwoo, out of retirement for this one event only, Akanishi Jin accompanied by his trainer Kamenashi Kazuya!"

The audience let out a loud series of shouts and exclamations as the Japanese duo approached. Unlike Hankyung, Jin played to the audience, waving his hands and blowing a couple kisses. He bounced into the cage and let Kame grab his robe he was wearing. He was clad only in a pair of red low slung pants, his own hands and feet taped.

"Jin?!" Junsu suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked at him in suprise. It only took a moment for the man to recover his cool, friendly demeanor. "Now Minwoo, that was playing dirty."

"How so?" Donghae asked.

Minwoo let out a deep laugh that felt just a bit too sinister for the young man sitting beside him.

"Well he's got a really bad habit of accidentally killing his opponents."

Donghae looked wide eyed at Minwoo and then back to everyone else. Though they were smiling, it didn't take him much to feel the discomfort in the room. He then looked directly at Eeteuk who was drumming his fingers on the armrest of his chair.


"It'll be okay, Donghae." Eeteuk said though his expression said otherwise. "Hankyung will be fine."

Donghae swore at that moment he was going to be sick.


Hankyung looked at Jin across the arena. The two men walked forward and then slapped each others hand in the traditional greeting before bowing. The referee took a moment to speak into the microphone.

"This will be a rare no holds barred event. The only constituent is that one of the fighters must last more than five minutes with the other. Submission acknowledgements and knocks outs are acceptable in any form. A fighter will only be allowed to forfit if the injury they have sustained during the fight has made it unable for him to continue. Fighters, take to your corners and you'll begin at the sound of the bell."

The referee then exited the arena. The two men looked at each other for a moment as if acknowledging where each of them stood. The bell then rang and the two began to circle around each other.

The smell of sawdust was always the first thing that truly awoke the fighting sense in Hankyung. The feel of it moving underneath his toes caused him to bounce slightly. His instinctual desire to move despite his greater desire to perish began to take over. Hankyung began to lift his legs back and forth as Jin moved smoothly on the other side. The two circled around the cage. The Chinese man could make out just the slightest sound of Jin's breathing. The sound of the audience was lost to him. All of his thoughts were focused directly on the man in front of him.

Two more circles and Jin finally sprang forward. Hankyung quickly countered the attack by standing on one leg and spinning away. He swept his arm down from behind and impacted his fist firmly into the center of Jin's back. The Japanese man was caught off guard and dropped to his knees. Just as quickly he backflipped and turned, kicking out his leg. Hankyung almost dodged the attack, but felt the heel of Jin's foot land against the base of his knee. There was a slight pop and the taller man stumbled sideways, crashing against the side of the cage.

"Hankyung!" Donghae shouted from the booth. He looked around to see that other members of the group were looking on with a touch of worry. However, Minwoo was looking somewhere else. Donghae's eyes were drawn upwards, squinting to see what Minwoo seemed to be looking at.

"Is there someone up there?" he thought to himself. His attention was quickly diverted for the moment back to the ring.

Hankyung shook his knee out as he moved against the side of the cage. The two men stared at each other before they simaltaneously converged on one another. Their fists struck out in a rapid series of blows and punches. Both took vicious hits and when the two drew back, Jin had blood draining out of his nose. Hankyung spit off to the side, the maroon dripping out of the corner of his mouth and down his chin.

"Has it been five minutes yet?" he asked Jin quietly.

"I'm sure we're about there." Jin responded.

Hankyung nodded and then shot forward, roundhouse kicking the Japanese man. The impact landed on Jin's chin, throwing him back and clattering the cage. The metal structure shook and then came to a slow, waving hault. Jin gasped in his air and looked up dangerously. Hankyung knew that kind of attack would loose the man's temper. The slightly smaller man drew himself to his feet and then popped his neck once. He sprang forward without warning and kicked, cracking Hankyung in the back of his already damaged knee. The man went wide eyed as he felt the ball give and the burn of the dislocation ride up into his hips. Jin was quick behind him and wrapped his arm tight around Hankyung's neck. His other arm came then and held him around his chest, applying what felt like an inhuman amount of pressure. The feeling of light headedness was starting to cloud the Chinese man's mind. There was a slight snapping sensation as ribs began to move back and forth under Jin's continued assault on his frame.


Hearing his name made Hankyung's watering eyes move to the left. He could barely make out Kangin and Eunhyuk running out of the hall he made his entrance through.


"...dance..." Hankyung thought dimly.


Hankyung distantly heard another voice as his eyes shifted over to the right. There was someone coming down from the top of the audience. He could see them barely.



Donghae watched in horror as Jin's temper gave way and the man attacked Hankyung. He watched with tears in his eyes as Hankyung's knee gave way. The vicious hold on the man's body was causing Donghae pain. He wanted to tear his eyes away so he wouldn't have to watch the man perish.

Forcing his eyes upwards, his attention turned yet again to where Minwoo was glancing up too. It was at that moment that a roving spotlight caught just a glimpse of something out of place. Donghae's sharp vision made out what appeared to be a person sitting on one of the lighting rigs. He lowered his eyes and side glanced at Minwoo. The man was mouthing some words just very, very quietly next to Donghae.

"Now, do it now." the words were silently shaped.

Donghae's attention turned from the fight to the person sitting on the rafters. His brain clicked everything together and he suddenly stood from his chair.

"Donghae?" Eeteuk questioned.

The young man simply threw open the door and began to run down the staircase that led to the main seating in Minwoo's arena.

"Donghae! Come back!" Eeteuk shouted.

Shindong, Heechul and Junsu looked shocked as their young friend took off down the door with Eeteuk hot on his trail. Minwoo just looked aggravated and stared up at the lighting rig, his mouth in a thin, dangerous line.

"Hankyung!!" Donghae shouted.


Kibum watched as Hankyung was being caught in the brutal hold that Jin had him. He was close enough to main action to have seen Hankyung's knee give. Jin was applying more and more force on the man's chest. Kibum suddenly heard the voice of Kangin to the left of him.


Kibum quickly turned his attention to his cell phone as he heard painful coughing on the other end.

"Ryeowook? RYEOWOOK?!"

The soud of silence on the other end had Kibum frozen.


"...it hurts..." came the plea.


Kibum's attention spun to see Donghae flying down the stairs to the main arena. The lap top fell off his legs as he stood. His eyes were suddenly drawn upwards, his mouth falling open.

"Oh my..."


Hankyung could barely see as his ribs continued to push inwards as his lungs felt like they were collapsing inside of his chest.


The words rang through his mind.


Donghae's plea.

The Chinese man suddenly felt something flowing through him. A burst of energy that seemed to start at the base of his feet and go through his very core. He drew in a large amount of air and began to expand his chest. Jin's expression changed as he felt the arm that had been secured around partially broken ribs begin to move. Hankyung's arms came to life and gripped Jin's wrists tightly. There was sickening sound as the left one around Hankyung's neck gave a quiet snap. Jin screamed and fell back, holding his injured wrist. The white haired man was then to his feet, turning on the other man. He spun around once before raising his foot to slam it down onto the other's chest. He stopped mid strike as he saw not Jin, but Kame standing only a short distance from the cage. The look of utter horror on the youth's face made him stop and lower his foot. He remembered that look all too well. He had worn it a little over three years ago.


Yesung lifted his rifle and then aimed it carefully at the Chinese man in the caged ring. It wouldn't be too hard to pick him off. However, it seemed that Minwoo had a back up plan. Yesung let out an annoyed sigh as he saw that the Japanese fighter seemed to be doing a good job of taking care of Hankyung himself.

Still, he planned to get a good shot in just the same. Minwoo had never expressed whether the man had to be dead or alive to get out of his contract.


Yesung's attention went briefly to the man shouting with another man following behind him.


Yesung paused as his attention turned to see a strange young man running down the arena stairs and toward the cage.

"Well, I hope that he's not going to get into the way of painting the roses red." Yesung singsonged to himself.

He drew back the trigger to fire when at that moment he saw the man running after the smaller one. He felt his hands shake around the gun and his finger suddenly went numb.


Yesung swung the gun and without thinking, fired off one shot.


Hankyung leaned down to help Jin up to his feet. The Japanese man took the hand gratefully and stood despite the sounds of the 'boos' and 'hisses' coming from the audience.


Hankyung's attention turned to see Donghae was almost to the cage. Another man was running behind him. For just a split second, the Chinese man saw a laptop fall to the floor. His expression changed slightly as he realized that it was Kim Kibum looking up into the air. He had only a moment to turn his own face up to the sky.

The shot went unheard but everyone could see the result. Donghae threw open the cage door and ran inside. He pushed against Hankyung and then there was red.

So much red.

Hankyung felt the liquid splash against his hand and then the weight of Donghae going forward. He felt the sawdust as his rear hit the ground, his feet sliding over the sandy texture. He sat there frozen as the sounds of screams in the audience were drowned out by the screams in his head.

"DONGHAE!!" Eeteuk cried, dropping to his knees in the cage.

Hankyung looked down to see Donghae laying against his chest. The seconds of silence seemed to stretch forever before the young man looked up, his face pale.

"Are you okay?" Donghae barely asked.

The white haired man was at a loss for words as he looked down at the young man. His t-shirt was torn through at the shoulder and his flesh was frayed open, the bullet having passed through a small upper section of skin and out the other side. Hankyung looked down at his hand then. There was a lot of blood coming from Donghae's wound, but not enough like the color dripping from his fingertips.

"Oh my..."

He heard Kibum's words then as he looked to his left side. Jin was pressed against the cage, half sitting and half kneeling, holding his stomach. The blood was seeping out of the wound and down onto the waist of his pants. Kame was kneeling beside him, applying all the pressure he could to the opening.

"Jinchan! Please stay with me! Please!" Kame begged as the tears poured from his eyes.

Jin's eyes were rolling back in his head. Hankyung suddenly screamed as he held onto Donghae for what he felt were threads of his own life.


And then Hankyung's world went black.

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